Today, a company must be able to respond  faster and in a manner most appropriate to the wishes of clients. That is why a reliable shipment and effective logistical and administrative services are indispensable.
In this area IFS sets the tone with a service, both  national as international and goes with you hand in hand to help you achieve success.
Sea Freight

Your shipping, a responsibility that we can take with our specialized and experienced  shippers and our contacts with reliable shipowners.
Road Freight
Consolidation  or full trucks   of DGP from textiles to the delicate glassware. International Freight System offers reliable and timely solutions.
We are completely satisfied with International Freight System with whom we have been working since 5 years now and is constantly improving in terms of quality of service and delays.
2 S May 2010
The three main arms containers of Japan adopt diversification strategies to try to master the challenges of the future ..